Reservation Of Seats

Reservation of seats and fee concession for candidates domiciled in Nagpur:

A) Reservation for candidates domiciled in Nagpur :

25% (Twenty-five percent) seats are reserved for candidates domiciled in Nagpur.

Nagpur Domicile category Means:

  1. Residence Criterion at Nagpur Urban (five continuous or intermittent years)
  2. Educational Criterion
  1. Residence Criterion at Nagpur Urban (five continuous or intermittent years)


    1. Students who are considered eligible to avail the reservation in admission are those who are residents of the locality for at least 05 years falling under the Nagpur Urban i.e, under Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC). Hence, it is essential to ensure that the applicant resides in the jurisdiction of NMC.
    2. The candidate working /studying at a place under NMC but residing outside the locality under NMC is not considered for the said reservation.
    3. The five years of stay at a locality under Nagpur Urban i.e. under NMC can be continuous or even intermittent; in both cases candidates will be considered as eligible.

      B. The document in proof of the Nagpur domicile for a period of five years:

    1. The candidate will submit Age, Nationality and Domicile Certificate within the jurisdiction of Nagpur City (Urban) issued by the Competent Authority.
    2. The certificate should mention the residence of the candidate in (Nagpur Municipal Corporation), Tehsil Nagpur (Urban), District Nagpur in the state of ‘MAHARASHTRA’ for a period of five years.
  1. Educational Criterion


    1. The candidate who are or will be the graduates or students of Nagpur University;
    2. And/ or

    3. The candidates who are recipients of school certificates from any Maharashtra state board of secondary and higher secondary education and/or recipient of CBSE or ICSE board.

      B. The Educational document required in proof:

    1. Graduates marksheet of Nagpur University and/ or school certificates from the Maharashtra State board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations and / or The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)/ ICSE Board.

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