27th to 29th September, 2019

Symbiosis Law School hosted the Capsule Course on Cyber Laws from 27th to 29th September in Assembly Hall. The Guest Faculties for the course were experts from the field of Cyber Laws,Mr. Gokul Narayan, Lead Faculty of Asian School of Cyber Laws, Pune and Dr.Ashok Wadje, Registrar In-Charge of MNLU-Aurangabad. The 3 –day Capsule Course was intended to impart catholic understanding of Cyber laws. The syllabus of course was divided into three Modules covering Overview of Cyber Laws, Cyber Crimes and Regulations relating to Cyber Crimes. The course was open for all the under graduate and post graduate students across the city. Total of 109 students including students from other colleges attended the course.

DAY 1 – 27TH September, 2019

Day one of the Capsule Course began with an inaguration of the course followed by the welcome address and felication of the guest by Dr. Nuzhat Rizvi, Assistant Prof. Symbiosis Law School, Nagpur. Day one of the course saw Mr. Gokul Narayan as a resourse person. Mr. Goku lNarayan who is lead faculty at ASCL, Pune gave insight of Cyber Laws. The main focus of the first day session was an overview of Cyber Laws with introduction to the concept of Cyber Laws and scope of Cyber Laws. Mr. Gokul Narayan in detail discussed about the scope throwing light upon e-commerce, online contracts IPRS, E-governance with special reference to IT Act, 2000.

Felication of the guest at SLS Nagpur
SLS, Nagpur Student in  Capsule Course
DAY 2 – 28TH September, 2019

Second day of the course began with the felicitation and welcome of the guest speaker by Dr. Salu D’Souza, Faculty, Symbiosis Law School, Nagpur. Speaker for the second day was Dr. Ashok Wadje, Registrar In-charge of MNLU-Aurangabad. Dr. Wadje briefed the students about Cyber Crimes and discussed in detail about the kinds of cybercrimes and concepts related to it. Dr. Wadje also discussed the case laws with the students.

Felication of the guest at SLS Nagpur
SLS, Nagpur Student in  Capsule Course
DAY 2 – 29TH September, 2019

Day three of the course again saw Mr. Gokul Narayan. In this session Mr. Narayan gave indepth knowledge about Regulations of Cyber Crimes issues relating to investigation of it. Mr. Narayan also discussed in detail about provisions of IT Act 2000, Pornograpgy Act etc. He further touched upon issues relating to jurisdiction and evidence. All the three sessions turned out to be interactive session.

Guest speaker for Capsule Course - SLS Nagpur

20th & 21st October, 2019 was alloted for examination of the participants. Exam was conducted online (via gogle form). The syllabus for the exam was based on all the three session taken by our resourse persons. The participants attempted the paper with the aim to be awarded with the certificates from the institute.

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