Guest Lecture by Adv. Wilson Mathew on
“Skills of Advocacy”

21st February, 2020

Adv. Wilson Mathew was invited as the guest speaker. The welcome address was given by Dr. Shilpa Sharma, Assistant Professor at symbiosis Law School. In her welcome address she enunciated why it is important to hone the advocacy skills from the inception since the real challenge begins when the case is put on hearing and Advocates need to face Judges who have a lot of pending files to hear. It all boils down to the skill of advocacy of a lawyer and how a lawyer with his communication skills tackles the court room procedure.

Adv. Mathew was felicitated by Dr. Sachin Tripathi with a memento as a token of respect.

Dr. Wilson Mathew has a Law Firm named “Counsel Quest” which is based at New Delhi and Gurgaon which deals with International and Domestic Arbitration, Commercial Disputes, Domestic and Trade Disputes and Matrimonial Disputes. The firm also looks into Contract of Enforcement against Companies, Individuals and Legal Issues affecting NRIs amongst others. He is a trained Arbitrator from the Indian Institute of Arbitration and Mediation as well as a trained counselor for interpersonal relationships and family disputes.

Dr. Wilson highlighted various traits to build a student to become successful lawyer who is not only proficient but also has command over language. In his address to the students he also acknowledged the importance of basic mannerisms,  In-depth  research, presentation  skills, to have  grip  over the subject and facts of the case as a component of successful Advocacy. He pointed out how the craft of drafting and pleadings helps a lawyer to present his case convincingly.

Adv. Wilson Mathew emphasized to have consistency in reading judgments thoroughly with inquisitive mind and curiosity in order to cull out the best form of arguments. He emphasized on the importance of communicative language expressed in courts and how the students must master the same. He also discussed how to overcome challenges faced by the young lawyers with regard to communication, language before the court, drafting and court’s query with utmost diligence. It was an insightful address by the speaker as he discussed the subject with real life illustrations and his personal experience.

The event proved to be a huge success as the students were driven by the words of the guest speaker. The lecture came to an end with the vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Shilpa Sharma, Assistant Professor Symbiosis Law School.


Dr. Sachin Tripathi Welcoming Adv. Mathew with memento

Dr. Shilpa Sharma Introducing the Guest.

Adv. Wilson Mathew addressing the students

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