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Rotaract Club of SLS Nagpur

About the Cell:

The Rotaract Club of SLS, Nagpur, is committed to empowering young individuals by fostering leadership skills, promoting fellowship, and serving the community. A Rotaract club is a global organization catering to young adults aged 18–30, dedicated to community service, professional growth, and fostering international understanding. Through impactful projects and leadership opportunities, members build meaningful connections through networking while making a positive difference in their communities and beyond.

Rotaract clubs, a branch of the greater Rotary family, serve as its conduits. Members participate in a variety of activities, such as networking, professional development, and volunteering. Rotaract cultivates leadership abilities, cross-cultural interaction, and a dedication to service, equipping its members to take on leadership roles in their fields and society. Rotary International sponsors Rotaract clubs, which aim to improve local and global communities via volunteer work and other self and community development initiatives. 

Name of the Cell:

Rotaract Club of Symbiosis Law School, Nagpur.

Objectives of the cell:

  1. Community Service Projects: organize and execute law-focused community service initiatives to instil civic responsibility among students.
  2. Global Legal Awareness: Promote international legal understanding and goodwill through scholarly activities and discussions.
  3. Professional Development: Provide opportunities for students to enhance their legal skills and ethical values for their legal careers.
  4. Emerging Legal Leaders: Cultivate young leaders within the legal sphere for positive legal reforms and social impact.
  5. Inclusive Camaraderie: Foster an inclusive and supportive environment to build strong student relationships.
  6. Networking Platform: Connect law students with like-minded legal professionals and community leaders for mutual learning and growth.

Selection process for members of this Club:

The members were selected based on merit and Candidates' previous experience

  1. Google Form (SOP)
  2. PI (personal interview) round taken by members of the core committee (Club President and General Secretary)

Faculty In-Charge

  1. Dr. Prashant Dhage

Members of the club:

Core Members-

  1. Charter President : Aadit Saharya
  2. General Secretary: Avantika Barik

Other Members-

  1. Neha Mariya Iyju
  2. Arya Goyal
  3. Siddharth Kanhai
  4. Akshada Warale
  5. Chennamchetty Rishita
  6. Ishita Tharwani
  1. Jai Kakkar
  2. Nandani Sharma
  3. Prajwal Karamallappanvar
  4. Rahen Pawade
  5. Riya Andhare
  6. Shivansh Singh Thakur
  7. Sumit Sutone
  8. Bodhini Shelke
  1. Deeksha Upadhyay
  2. Gaurav Patel
  3. Jayesh Verma
  4. Rahul Parashar
  5. Aditya Sinha
  6. Pradicta Shrey
  7. Sukhada Dhote
  8. Vivek Meher
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