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Symbiosis Centre for Criminology and Forensics Science

About the Cell:

Symbiosis Centre for Criminology and Forensic Science was inaugurated on 30th September 2022 by chief guest Shri Amitesh Kumar, an IPS officer of the 1995 batch and is presently Commissioner of Police,Nagpur.The SCCF was established with the aim to provide for a common platform for enthusiasts willing to explore the criminal justice system while also understanding the nuances of the ever widening field of forensic science.

Aims and Objectives:

The objective of SCCF is to learn more about the circumstances surrounding a crime by using physical evidence from the crime scene and use of inductive and deductive reasoning to analyze. It is multidisciplinary and involves a systematic search of the crime scene with meticulous observation and documentation of the scene; photography and sketching; the identification, processing, and collection of physical evidence such as fingerprints, footprints, hair, fibres, biological fluids, and materials for DNA analysis; and perhaps the most important, the application of observational skills and reasoning capacity by the participants.

Events Conducted:

  1. Aapradh - (Crime Documentary Analysis Event)
  2. Guest Lecture Series on “Role of Forensic Science in Legal Pedagogy.”
  3. Muqadamma - Case Analysis and Courtroom Drama Competition
  4. Tehekeqaat - Crime Scene Investigation Event


  1. Ms. Samriddhi Agarwal ( Batch of 2020-2025)
  2. Mr. Rishiraj Sharma ( Batch of 2020-2025)

Faculty In-Charge

  1. Himanshi Bhatia (Assistant Professor, SLS Nagpur)
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