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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Alternative Dispute Resolution is also known as ADR Settles disputes outside the courtroom Resolve disputes in a more amicable way Saves time, costs and maintain confidentiality Various ADR Mechanisms - Mediation, Negotiation, Arbitration etc.

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About the Cell:

SLS Nagpur has established the ADR Cell (ADRC) which consists of entrusted student members for administering various ADR activities, responsibly, under the guidance of the faculty in-charge of the cell. The mandate of the ADRC encompasses the promotion and conduction of a wide array of dispute resolution mechanisms, relevant to today's legal world, and introduce them to the students of SLS Nagpur.

Aim of the ADR Cell:

Effective training skills Soft and Practical skills Make them aware of the various intricate methods with regard to ADR mechanisms Impart comprehensive knowledge of allied laws and regulations concerning ADR Mechanisms Produce fair outcomes for disputes in future as a professional Make students efficient and effective in the field of ADR.

Objectives of the ADR Cell:

  1. Discussions and Deliberations
  2. Spread awareness about ADR and concepts related to it
  3. Organize ADR training sessions
  4. Career centric ADR Certification
  5. Provide efficient platforms to students to showcase and refine their skills
  6. Collaborations

Selection Process for the ADRC team:

The members were selected on the basis of merit
Google form
Written test
PI (Personal Interview) round taken by faculty in charge and a member from the Advisory board of the ADRC.

Faculty In-Charge of the ADRC:

Dr. Shilpa Sharma
Assistant Professor,
Symbiosis Law School, Nagpur

Members of ADRC:

  1. Pratikshya Priyadarshini
  2. Mahak Agrawal
  3. Aditi Uttamani
  4. Vaidehi Bhangde
  1. Saket Bansal
  2. Mounish Chanukya Suryedevera
  3. Shruti Khatri
  4. Vaibhvee Jangid
  1. Apoorv Singh
  2. Apurva Pandey

Past Events:

WEBINAR on “Fundamentals of International Commercial Arbitration” held on 11th July, 2020, and delivered by Adv. Ekant Hiranandani.

Webinar on "Importance and Future of Arbitration Laws in India" on 18th July, 2020. delivered by Adv. Tariq Khan. He is presently working as Registrar at International Arbitration and Mediation Centre, Former Partner, Advani & Co. New Delhi.

On 5th August, 2021 the ADR Cell of Symbiosis Law School, Nagpur had organized a workshop on “Alternative Dispute Resolution: The New Era” Addressed by: Adv. Ankit Sharma, Senior Associate, S.K. Singhi, LLP, New Delhi.


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