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The significance of seminars in the world of the academics has a long distinguished past. An exposure to the world of knowledge helps one to develop new ideas and challenge ones’ own thoughts. In the process, seminars are necessary for broadening the academic insights of both the students and the teachers of an institution. It is with this objective that the college emphasizes on the need to hold regular seminars as part of its academic program. Not only resource persons from different institutes of the country are invited in National Seminars organized by the college but also students are encouraged to deliver talks in seminars organized in smaller scale by individual departments regularly. Experience matters during critical situations, so conversation with experts provides an outlook of the industry and how to perform better than others in every critical situation. In the last Semester, variety of academic events such as seminars, conferences, competitions, debates, and workshops were conducted by these centers created for Specialization.

Symbiosis Law School, Nagpur conducts several legal workshops and seminars focused on specialized fields of law as well associated areas and related topics. These workshops and seminars bring together students, faculty, and others to learn about emerging erudition from leading thinkers, explore challenges in various fields of law, and engage in vibrant discussion. The workshops are specially designed for law students who are eager of obtaining jobs in law firms, corporate houses and Government departments & organizations. The workshops are planned and structured with the intent to provide our students a dynamically stimulating environment, where the students can get renovated into highly skilled legal professionals.

The well-equipped techno driven, and ICT enabled assembly Hall provides the perfect destination for organizing and managing the aforesaid academic events.

Assembly Hall of SLS Nagpur
Assembly Hall of SLS Nagpur

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