Symbiosis law school Nagpur Maharashtra India Campus


The Center for Academic Leadership And Management (CALM)

Core Team

  • Dr Nikhil Polke (Assista Professor & Incharge – CALM)

Student Members

  1. Shubhankar Dable
  2. Aanice Tressa Thomas
  3. Sakshi Vadhera
  4. Mounish Chanukya Suryadevara
  5. Gaurav Sahgal
  1. Vedant Bajaj
  2. Anadhya
  3. Shreyas Nair
  4. Krishna Gundawar
  5. Devanshi Yadav
  1. Garima Ladhdha
  2. Neel Gokhale
  3. Rohini Singh
  4. Ananya Paliwal
  5. Shweta Nair
  1. Haritha C V


  • At SLS Nagpur, the Center for Academic Leadership & Management (CALM) was formed primarily to focus on the current corporate trends in the industry – as the students have a BBA LLB program; which combines the legal studies with the management studies.
  • People from the corporate world are invited for guest lectures and various activities are planned; so as to enhance the management skills of the students.
  • This connects the theory with the practical as more emphasis is given on activity based learning apart from the regular classroom teaching.

Who we are

  • We are a group of motivated individuals who understand the importance of corporate and legal activities, and its importance in preparing students for real life and strengthening their personal skills.
  • The Center aims at giving all students the opportunity to be involved in professional enriching activities and a chance to extend themselves and to grow in their area of expertise.
  • The Center organises events showcasing the hidden acumen of students besides their regular studies.

Events Done So Far:

  • Smarticus Quiz Competition
  • Webinars / Guest Lectures.
  • Article Writing Competition.
  • Ad Making Competition.
  • Brand – O – Meter.

Objective of Calm:

  • The major focus is to bring eminent personalities from the industry across various fields and share their experience with the students so that students get to know the real life scenarios and cases in the corporate world.
  • To promote and arrange activities to bring out the talents of students.
  • The Center shall be responsible for all intra and inter collegiate management related events in the College.
  • To plan and schedule events for the academic year.
  • By delegating various tasks.


  • To increase visibility of the institute by acting as an Interface between institute and the corporate / legal world.


  • To bridge the gap between the concepts learnt in class and their practical utility in the corporate world and also to keep the students updated with the latest industry and legal trends.

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