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Centre for Intellectual Property Rights and Advocacy

The Centre for Intellectual Property research and advocacy (CIPRA) is established with the objective of enhancing the intellectual property knowledge base and research capabilities in general of students at symbiosis law school, Nagpur.

Aims and objectives of the cell is:

  • To give training about Copyright, Patent ,Trademarks and Geographical Indications, etc.
  • To work towards the holistic development of the personality of its learners through various seminars, workshops and guest lectures.
  • To enhance the understanding of IPR.

The center consists of 15 members. Centre has organized workshops, guest lectures on Intellectual Property Rights in collaboration with Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Intellectual Property Management at Symbiosis Law School, Nagpur. Various guest lectures, sessions on patent law and IP process was also organized to guide and informed the students about the process of filing patent application and related details. Following is the composition of the cell.

List of Members

  • Aroosh Tarwani
  • Nivas Niranjan
  • Aman Arora
  • Mounish Chnikya
  • Sankarshan Baddar
  • Ritvik Dang
  • Pradumn Mandhnani
  • Kamtamreddy Harshini
  • Kartikey Bargati
  • Pranav Kardale
  • Divya Nand
  • Dev Ahuja
  • Steeve James
  • Parth Manapure
  • Girija Ranade
  • Aditi Uttamani
  • Divyashu Raj
  • Avijeet Singh Gulati
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