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Guest House

The University Guest house is located on the campus adjacent to the Staff Quarters. The Guest house is primarily meant for official guests of the University/participants of Seminars/ Workshops/ Conferences etc., organized by the University/Departments. SLS, Nagpur has access to the one of the best, well-equipped Guest House facilities on its campus for its visiting faculties and guests. To facilitate the staying of Guest Faculties, expert members of the Judiciary, visiting faculty, etc., there is a guest house inside the campus. The Guest House is provided with its own exclusive lobby Manager to cater to the needs of the guests. Guest house offers comfortable accommodation in our Nagpur campus. Meals are served in the small dining area. Early morning tea/coffee is served in the room. Meals follow a fixed menu and are mostly Indian cuisine prepared after consulting the guest about their food preferences.

Guest House of SLS, Nagpur
Guest House room of SLS, Nagpur
Guest House Hall of SLS, Nagpur

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