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Health Services

SLS, Nagpur has a well-equipped Health Center with a residential doctor and a paramedical available all the time. Every student is covered under the Insurance policy. Symbiosis health-service programs tend to have three primary areas of responsibility: physical, mental, and educational.

The most common, and a primary focus of Symbiosis health-service programs, is that of intervention and health, or wellness, education. Although all student health centers concern themselves with the immediate healing of ill students, and will also work to educate students about approaches to healthier lifestyles in order to prevent future illness or injury. Wellness themes exhibited on Symbiosis campuses are health and nutrition, stress management, eating disorder awareness, smoking cessation and prevention, time management, alcohol abuse prevention, strategies to avoid depression, and issues around sexually transmitted diseases and their prevention. Symbiosis Health Care maintains twenty- four-hour care for students; however, Symbiosis Health Care maintains regular weekly hours during the academic year with a system for emergency assistance when needed. It has Recreation and Wellness Center which includes a modern gymnasium with equipment of International standards, aerobics room, and Yoga Center. Student’s physical growth is monitored by a trainer in the Gymnasium. In house counsellor assist students in resolving their problems.

Health Center of SLS,Nagpur

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