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Human Rights Cell

The Human Rights Cell of Symbiosis Law School was established to provide a forum where students can further their knowledge of human rights issues and bring their classroom learning to life. The Cell aspires to spread awareness among people about their rights and educate and empower them. The symbiosis ideal has been to inculcate deep respect and commitment to human rights in the students. The Cell tries to complement this objective. The Cell, ever since its foundation, has been vibrant in its activities. It hosted various events on critical contemporary topics like Gender, Feminism, Child Labour, Freedom of Speech and Expression, Challenges to Human Rights in the Digital Age and the Relevance of Human Rights Institutions, to name a few. The events received overwhelming support and participation from law students across the country. The Cell has managed to bring in renowned scholars and activists to deliver various talks to familiarize the students with the contemporary Human rights issues worldwide. The Cell currently has a strength of 34 active student members.

The primary objectives of the Cell are:

  • To complement Legal education by inculcating a solid foundation of Human Rights in students.
  • To promote human rights education as a catalyst in bringing about attitudinal and social change.
  • To Spread awareness and educate students and the general public about Human Rights
  • To sensitize and enable the students to appreciate diversity and difference to not discriminate against anyone.
  • To formulate research strategies towards a better understanding of the emerging issues in the domain of Human Rights.
  • To organize seminars, conferences, awareness drives, workshops and field visits through collaboration with various stakeholders, resource persons and policymakers.

Human Rights Cell Members

2019-24 BATCH

  1. Aditya Narayan Sinha
  2. Anmol Dikshit
  3. Aryan Singh
  4. Manan Gupta
  5. Nitin Pathak
  1. Prashanth Shukla
  2. Pritika Ruth
  3. Sanchita Arora
  4. Shashank Shekhar
  5. Shashank Shekhar Kunwar
  1. Shiva Ram J
  2. Shivam Raj
  3. Shruti Khatri
  4. Suvam Chakraborty
  5. Vidhishree Tiwari
  6. Yukta Nidhi

2020-25 Batch

  1. Advait Nisal
  2. Ayush Agarwal
  3. Demma Sameera
  4. Devika Sivaraman
  5. Dilpreet Singh Dardi
  1. Easa Roy
  2. Jacob Reji
  3. Kundana Sri Koppuravari
  4. Preetraj Singh
  5. Priya Saw
  1. Sneha Jaiswal
  2. Sriyut Shukla
  3. Utkarsh Pathak
  4. Vaishnavi Makne
  5. Vedanti Wanjari

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