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Books are the best friends of a student. Library in any institutions plays a pivotal role in teaching-learning process, SLS, Nagpur has a well-equipped library with a vast array of Books, Bare Acts, Journals, Magazine’s, Reports, AIR, Supreme Court Case Reporter, Research Compilations, News Paper Cuttings, etc. Furthermore, it facilitates a technology-based learning environment by providing access to national online databases such as Lexis-Nexis, Manupatra, West-law, SCC Online and International online databases such as Yale, Harvard and Cambridge journals. Right from the establishment in 1999, our library has become the “heart of the campus”. Keeping in view the aims and ideal of the parent institution the library has developed itself into one of the richest and finest law library of India.

Symbiosis Law School, Nagpur library is most lively place in the college that enables learning & advancement of knowledge. It had been methodically developed the collection of books and journals right from inception. It is rich in collections which consist of Text books, Reference books, Journals, Legal Magazines, General books, etc. it also subscribes e-journals packages of law and social science disciplines of well international publishers to enhance & promote research activity. The library has earmarked a ‘Research and Innovation’ section for faculty and students to read, research, and publish articles and undertake research projects. It has separate sections for book lending and book bank facility.


  • To serve the academic community for the furtherance of the academic activities of SLS, Nagpur.
  • To provide an effective information service.
  • To make available modern equipment’s for effective teaching, learning, research, acquisition of additional Knowledge etc.
  • To computerize legal information, storage, retrieval and dissemination
  • To make available information from various other libraries in and around, through a planned resource sharing programme.
  1. Facilities: Students are made familiar with layout and resources during induction. Students are provided the following:

    Reading & Reference - Study Material, Book Bank, Home Lending

  2. Working Hours : The library will ordinarily observe the following working hours:

    Periodicals – 09:30 a.m. to 04:30 p.m.

    Library – 09:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

    Reading Hall – 09:30 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.

    Home Lending Section – 09:30 a.m. to 01:00 pm & 01:30 p.m. to 04:30 p.m

    In case of any change in the timings, the same shall be notified on the Library Notice Board.

  3. User Eligibility: The following persons are eligible to use the Law School library:

    I. All Students,

    II. All members of the teaching and non teaching staff

    III. All members of the teaching and non teaching staff of the Symbiosis institutions and SIU with the permission of their respective Heads, and

    IV. Any other person with the permission of the Director, SLS, Nagpur.

  4. Library Cards: At the beginning of the year, every student of the SLS, Nagpur must obtain his/her Library Card from the library. No student will be permitted to enter and/or use the library without the Identity Card.

  5. Book Transactions: Home lending facility is available to all students and members of the teaching and non teaching staff.

    I. Books can be issued from home lending section by students (subject to availability). A student is allowed to borrow not more than two books for a maximum period of two weeks.

    II. At the time of issuing a book, the Library Card must be presented. Without the Identity Card, the reader may be refused the use of Home Lending facility.

    III. The library book must be returned on or before the last date stamped on the due date slip, pasted on the first page of the book. Late fee @ Rs. 5/per day will have to be paid for the period of delay.

    IV. Further details of circulation policy will be available on request.

  6. Reference Section Contains: Text books, reference books, periodicals – back volumes, question paper sets, general books etc are available for use in the reference hall and periodical sections. The reference hall collection consists of:

    Titles having only one copy in the library

    Reference books & valuable books (costly/multi-volume)

    Rare books

    IV. Bare Acts

    The reading hall timings are extended at the time of examination on students demand and these are notified from time to time.

  7.  General Rules:

    I. The library attendants at the entrance are authorized to examine everything that passes in or out of the library;

    II. Students are required to present their own Identity Card on demand;

    III. Readers are responsible for any damage or injury done to reading materials or any other property of the library and shall be required to replace such books/property as has been damaged to pay the Full Value of the item as determined by the library authorities or as decided by the library authorities;

    IV. Smoking, Spitting, Eating, Objectionable Conversations and similar objectionable practices are forbidden in or near the library; and

    V. Readers shall not write or mark (by underlining, putting brackets, etc) on the reading materials or on the library property.

  8. Student Support:

    I.Reader's suggestions will be appreciated and welcome depending on their feasibility and collective convenience.

    II. Readers desirous of proposing any title or other types of additions to the materials of library may do so by filling the details in the “Book Suggestion Form” available with the librarian.

  9. For the smooth functioning of the library the Director/Deputy director/Librarian holds the power to suspend the use of the library to any user who denies compliance to the above rules.

  10. Important notices and information regarding the library as well as the changes, if any, shall be notified from time to time on the library notice board.

  11. Students are encouraged to contribute to the development of library by filling in user feedback forms, book review competition, etc. Information is available with

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