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Library Services

Library Services

Inter Library Lone -:

Student want any book or Information is not available in library such a condition

Library will arrange the book through Inter Library Lone service from our sister institutions. Such materials will have to be handled with utmost care and returned to the library well on time. This service we provide only for approves after Library Faculty In-charge

SLS Library Issue book for 15 days to Student and 30 days for Faculty

Referral Services-:

SLS Nagpur Library help student and Faculty to search their Information like Books, Bound Volumes, Bare-Acts, Magazine Journal etc.

Also answer there all question regarding new Information, Student can also mail their question in Assitlibrarian@slsnagpur.edu.in

New Additional Books-:

SLS Nagpur Library Display the new Purchase List on Library Display Board.

Plagiarism Check Services-:

Stealing another person’s work or ideas is called plagiarism. In SLS Nagpur We Provide Plagiarism check facility also, for student wright good research paper

Book Borrowing Services-:

Student-: SLS Library Issue 3 Book for 15 days to student

Faculty-: SLS Library Issue 5 Books for 30 Days to Faculty

Borrowing Rules-:

Books which are labeled / stamped as reference books are not for borrowing

Library is authorized to declare/hold certain books as reference material according to the demand. The book may not be labeled as Reference material

Old loose issue of magazines only can be borrowed. New/Latest issues and back volumes are for reference only

Borrowing period for particular material can shrink according to the demand.

Online Notice Board Service -: SLS Nagpur Library Display all library notice in Online Display Board

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