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Student Support Center

The Center's Intent

A student's world is filled with hopes, ambitions, enthusiasm, and excitement for learning new things and adapting to a new culture and background when he or she enters an institution. In the beginning of his journey, he may have a set of goals and objectives, but as he learns more about the area of knowledge, his perceptions begin to shift, and he may experience uncertainty and confusion, as well as disappointments. A law student's five-year journey is a voyage of study and self-discovery. This is the time when the student undergoes metamorphosis, and his preferences and inclinations toward his established goals frequently change or fluctuate. He or she may come to college with a certain interest, but exposure to a variety of classes and activities allows him to better understand and explore those interests, thus the basic train of thinking that was initially formed may shift. In the same way that a child's dreams change as he grows older, a law student's job prospects change dramatically over the course of five years. This Centre identifies students' prospective goals and provides the greatest available assistance in making students' learning journeys engaging and worthwhile.

Aim of the Centre

The student support centre’s main purpose is to promote a student's overall development and to assist him in exploring his area of interest. The legal profession offers a wealth of opportunities and a diverse range of sectors in which to carve out a niche. With this in mind, and in order to provide the best possible support to students, the centre’s fundamental work revolves around catering the finest available possibilities. This will be accomplished by focusing on the fundamentals, beginning with resume writing and drafting, and then organising various competitions, skill- building workshops, panel discussions, and inviting experts from various fields to share their expertise and knowledge, all of which will assist the student in better equipping his own choice. This centre helps student individual with his mental health, physical fitness, and emotional quotient, in addition to his academic goals. The centre will provide exposure to field experience as well as all potential support.

Work Specifications

Keeping a variety of options open, such as courtroom practice, corporate law, public service, judiciary, academician, journalist, banking services, JAG branch – Army, Law Journal's Editorial Committee, competitive/ judicial examination preparation, government lawyers and consultants, and so on, the center will continue to bring the best of each option to the students. This will assist them in prioritizing their field of interest, as well as the additional knowledge available to students in other fields. In the future, if one option is not found to be suitable for the student's interests and personality, he will not be forced to start over because the student support center provided him with enough exposure during his learning years to keep his other list of options open and provided enough guidance to move towards the next best opportunity.


  • Symbiosis International (Deemed University) is a multi-disciplinary university offering its students and faculty a vibrant learning ecosystem designed around its multi-cultural and innovative ethos.
  • Established in 1971 by Prof. Dr. S.B. Mujumdar,it is a ‘home away from home’ for International students.
  • The Institution is based on the principles of Vedic thought of “World as One Family” and is alive to the needs and interests of the students
  • Symbiosis Law School (SLS) Nagpur is established in 2019 inheriting splendid novelty, dynamism and excellence in education.
  • It offers multitude of opportunities for the budding lawyers.
  • Harping on the rich legacy of both Bar and Bench, SLS Nagpur promises to be one of the finest destinations for imparting legal education in central India
  • We believe that legal education needs to evolve and must meet the vitality of the changing world.
  • With this objective, and with the urge to establish the tradition of academic excellence, we have decided to plan out our further process of growth.
  • In this process the due importance has been given to the views, opinions and feedback of the stakeholders like students, parents, alumni, employers, teachers, etc. and the law School in letter and spirit created the Student Support Centre.
  • The aim of the Centre is to guide the students in constructing more flexible study paths, to help them successfully in attaining their learning goals and supporting their entry into the legal fraternity.


Keeping the vision of International Understanding


To enhance employability and contribute to human resource development

  • Effective learning
  • Skills Enhancement
  • Research Skills enrichment
  • Drafting Practice
  • Performance Analysis
  • Field Knowledge

List Of Student Members

  1. Mehul Goenka
  2. Mahak Gupta
  3. Ramya Sree
  4. Shivam Pandey
  5. Aryan Gosalkar
  1. Sujal Chaudhary
  2. Neha Mariya
  3. Bhoomika Chauhan
  4. Rakshita Raj
  5. >Kruthika Narender
  1. Srushti Welankiwar
  2. Anushka Maurya
  3. Shwetta trivedi
  4. Sakshi Pandey
  5. Anand kirti
  1. Keerthi Reddy
  2. Samyak Jain
  3. Prashant Kumar
  4. Tanishq Jain

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