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Symbiosis Centre for Competitive Examinations - SLS, Nagpur

About SCCE:

Nowadays, competition is getting tougher day-by-day and getting into the best of the government/private entities has become challenging. It requires a lot of dedication, patience, hard work, and most importantly, consistent efforts. With the vision of preparing and enlightening the young minds and paving their way, the ‘Symbiosis Centre for Competitive Examinations’ is being established in year 2022, with the motto of ‘I Can’.

Aim of the SCCE:

We at SCCE aim to conduct various activities to prepare the students for competitive examinations. The primary focus of this Centre is to impart training to the students for taking up a career in the judiciary. Accordingly, every year SCCE aim to conduct a special training program for students interested in various competitive examinations.

Objectives of the SCCE:

  1. To make available a platform, for aspirants of UPSC, PCS-J, PCS and other competitive examinations, where they can get all the help and guidance they need.
  2. To help learners make appropriate and realistic career choices and career direction.
  3. To impart knowledge about various pressing issues of today and current affairs useful for exam preparation.
  4. To provide comprehensive and quality study material.
  5. To develop good administrators by creating awareness among students about their social and civic responsibilities.
  6. To acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude.

Selection Process for the SCCE Team:

The members were selected on the basis of merit
Google form
PI (Personal Interview) round taken by Faculty In-Charge

Faculty In-Charge of the SCCE:

Mr. Parth Sharma
Assistant Professor,
Symbiosis Law School, Nagpur

Members of CTL:


  1. Preetraj Singh (Student In-Charge)
  2. P. P. Akshimana
  3. Pragya Singh
  4. Garima Mishra
  5. Shaswat Raj
  1. Batchu Varshini
  2. Maahita Shrivastava
  3. Shachi Rastogi
  4. Shreyas Kulkarni
  1. Nandana S. Kaimal
  2. Nirjara Meshram
  3. Vaishnavi Tiwary
  4. Vansh Tuli
  5. Avanthika Prasheed
  6. Bhumi Sharma
  1. Ankit Kumar
  2. Sanika Vipul Jadhao
  3. Utkarsh Tyagi
  4. Chaman Kumar
  5. Daksh Nehra
  6. Shubham

Events Conducted:

Competition- Preamble Calligraphy Competition on 25th November, 2022

Discussion- “The Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2022” on 05.01.2023

Discussion - “Ongoing Important Cases in the Supreme Court” on 02.02.2023

Eight-day Value Added Course – Guidance for Judicial Services Examination From 21st-28th February 2023

Discussion - “50 Years of Kesavananda Bharati Case - The legend lives on!” on 24.04.2023

Discussion – Preamble of Indian Constitution: Realising the Constitutional Vision on 25.11.2023

Workshop- AOR Exam Insights: Workshop on Legal Accreditation on 23.09.2023

Workshop- Crafting Reasoned Judgments: The workshop for effective Judgment writing on 23.09.2023


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