Symbiosis law school Nagpur Maharashtra India Campus

Symbiosis Legal Entrepreneurship Cell (SLEC)

Aim of the Cell :

The Cell was established with a basic idea that everyone and anyone can be an entrepreneur. We, at SLEC, believe that there is a need for generating enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and innovation among students of law, to help in creating an environment that could foster the social and legal side of entrepreneurship or entrepreneurship in general. The mission is to encourage and assist the students in becoming the future entrepreneurs and leaders of this country.

Objectives of the Cell:

The Cell shall work towards fulfilment of the following objectives :

  1. to inculcate entrepreneurial skills among students;
  2. to have experts guide the budding entrepreneurs regularly by organizing workshops, training sessions, seminars, etc.;
  3. to promote social and legal entrepreneurship among students;
  4. to collaborate with several organizations to promote entrepreneurship culture in the institute;
  5. to spread awareness among students about entrepreneurship through competitions, research, magazine etc.;
  6. to introduce capsule courses with reference to entrepreneurship.

Faculty-in-Charge :
Prof. Nuvita Kalra
Assistant Professor of Law
Symbiosis Law School, Nagpur

Student Members :
Mr.Koustubh Dubey (Student-in-Charge)

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