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14th June 2022 Report of Amendment of the constitution & the Basic Structure Doctrine
10th June 2022 Report of Understanding the law of writs enshrined under the constitution of India
6th June 2022 Cyclothon Fit india Freedom Rider Cycle Rally
26th May 2022 Alumni Lecture Series -Webinar on Corporate Crimes in India
17th May 2022 Report on workshop on Legal English Training
15th May 2022 International virtual Conference on women's Right in Developing Countries
13th May 2022 Guest Lecture on Facts of Burden of Proof
10th May 2022 Guest Lecture on Expounding Principles of Res Judicata & Inherent Powers under the Civil Procedure Code, 1908.
7th May 2022 Internal Moot Court Competition
2nd May 2022 Judges Lecture Series-Constitutional Governance and Rule of Law
30th April Ist Intra Client Counselling Competition
29th April Table Tennis Tournament
23rd April Training session how to participate in client Counselling competition
23rd April Moot Camp On Legal Skills
21st April Peer to Peer Learning - Shastrarth
18th April REPORT on Symbiosis premier league
16th April Legal Aid - Institutional Social Responsibility
8th April Report of Symbhav 2022
7th April Workshop on Forensic Science
1st April Report on Global Politics
30th March Webinar on Career Guidance for Law Students
25th March 1st National Asian Parliamentary Debate
21st March Report on Book Fest
19th March Webinar An overview of Australian and New Zealand Legal Services
14th March Cultural Week Celebration
12th March Webinar on A paradigm Shift in legal Practices A tech Law Perspective
12th March Judges Lecture Series
10th March Webinar on Global politics Rise on India and China in current Geopolitics
9th March International Guest Lecture Series - Integrative Law A Paradigm Shift
8th March National Seminar Identification of Abusive Relationship and prevention of domestic Violence
7th March Webinar on role of youth as change maker
5th March 1st Intra Mediation Competition By ADRC
4th March Peer to Peer Learning SHASTRARTH on Russia Ukraine War - A Humanitarian Crisis
01st March Webinar Career Opportunities in Armed Forces for Law Students (JAG) branch
01st March Webinar on Career Opportunities in Armed Forces for Law Students
28th February Moot Court Demonstration
28th February Report of Ethnic Day
26th February Workshop on Challenges in Data Collections and Data Analysis During Empirical Research
25th February Peer to Peer session
23th February Judge's Lecture Series - Hon'ble Justice Ravi R Tripathi
22nd February Health Education Program
19th February Webinar on Laws on Economic offences in India
19th February Workshop on How to Approach Consumer Courts
12th February Call Of Duty 2.0
3rd February Webinar on child protection Mechanism & Role of Law student
29th January National Webinar on "Mediation And its Relevance in Today's Time"
26th January Republic Day Report
23th January 3rd Intra Moot Court Competition
21st January International Lecture Series - Collaborative Constitutionalism & Courts as Partners in Joint Enterprise of Governing
19th January Webinar Same Sex Marriages in India
17th January International Virtual Seminar Collaboration with Faculty of Shariah and Law, Villa College, Maldives
12th January National Youth Day
7th January International Lecture Series - Voicing for the Voiceless: Animal Protection in the Legal Regime
29th December Online Workshop on IPR and Patent Process
18th December Workshop on the Understanding the Basics of IP in the Digital World
16th December International Lecture Series - The Return of Gunboat Diplomacy - How the West has undermined the Ban on the Use of Force
15th December A Talk on Laws relating to Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace in India
10th December Human rights Day Celebration
8th December Report on Smarticus
7th December Report on Cultural Activities
3rd December Environmental Law and Biosafety
3rd December National Moot Court Competition 2021 in Collaboration with Maharashtra State Biodiversity Board
27th November Student Futuristic Approach Towards Law Firms - Industry
26th November Constitution Day
20th November How to catch Fake, Cloned and Predatory Journals in Academic Research
20th November Report on Intra College Book Review Competition
19th November Workshop on Learning Mooting Skills
15th November Report on Value Added Course on Legal Drafting and Writing
15th November International Lecture Series - The Right to International Health and the Protection of Women in Armed Conflict
13th November Art & Craft of Judgment Writing-II
30th October Second Intra College Asian style Parliamentary Debate Competition
29th October International Lecture Series - Media Law
29th October Diwali Celebration
29th October Control of Administrative Functionaries through the Process of Judicial Remedies
28th October Drafting of Divorce Petition
27th October Understanding concept of Limitation with the Law of Limitation
25th October International Lecture Series - Contract Negotiations and Human Rights Defenders
23rd October Workshop on Asian Style of Parliamentary Debating
21st October Orientation Workshop on Basis of ADR
14th October International Lecture Series - Justice For Victim-Survivors of Sexual Violence: Feminism, Law, and Art
16th October Dussehra Celebration
9th October Workshop on How to Draft a Plaint
08th October National Workshop on "The Art of Review Writing"
02nd October Participation in Rally on Gandhi Jayanti
27th September International Lecture Series - Cybercrime and Cybersecurity
27th September Rights Of Rivers: An Unfinished Agenda
26th September Virtual Run Walk- Fit India 26 Sept 2021
25th September Workshop on How to write Legal Research Paper
22nd September Workshop on Carees in Criminal Litigation
20th September Panel discussion on Preparing for Moot Court Competition
18th September Legal awareness programme on Traffic rules
14th September Intra-college Hindi Diwas Competition
11th September Workshop on Allied Criminal Laws
6th September Teachers day Celebration
4th September Report of LL.M Farewell of Batch 2020-21
4th September Workshop on Incorporation of a company
4th September A Talk on job opportunities in Legal Field
1st September Induction Programme for LLM Batch 2021
21st August National Workshop On Allied Criminal Laws
15th August Independence Day 2021
14th August Workshop on Copyright and Fair use
13th August Workshop on Understanding Geographical Indications
12th August Mediation: A means to an end.
10th August How to Frame Proper Oral Arguments Based on the Memorial
10th August How to Increase Confidence While Arguing And How to Respond to Judge’s Questions
9th August How to Research on Moot Proposition which is based on Contemporary Issues
6th & 7th August Workshop on Publication Journey
5th August Alternative Dispute Resolution: The New Era
30th July Report of Value added Course on Cyber Law
28th July World Nature Conservation Day
12th July Workshop on Drafting Effective Curriculum Vitae and Effective Covering Mail for Internships
30th June Drafting of Criminal Appeals
27th June Creative Writing Competition Date
26th June Workshop on PIL Drafting
25th June Finance & Law
24th June Workshop on Trial Advocacy date
19th June Law Relating to Dishonour of Cheque
18th June Report of Brand O Meter Competition date
16th June Overcoming Shortfalls of Personality
16th June Right to Information
11th June Report of Photography Contest
10th June Dynamics of Power and Procedure to Amend the Constitution
08th June Art & Craft of Judgment Writing
07th June Expanding horizons of Right to Life and Personal Liberty under Article 21 of the Constitution of India
05th June Constitutional Remedies for the Enforcement of Fundamental Rights
05th June Environmental Migrants vis-à-vis International Legal Recognition
03rd June Webinar on Introduction to the U.S.Constitution
27th May International Lecture Series - Employer's Vicarious Liability
26th May Overview of Consumer Protection Act, 2019
25th May Product Liability under Consumer Protection Act, 2019
24th May Medical Negligence
30th April Self-Expression and Self-Esteem
28th April Doctrine of Res Judicata - A Principle of Finality to a Litigation
26th April National Webinar on the Relevance of Patent Rights in the Current Scenario
24th April Artificial Intelligence and Law - An Interface
09th April National Moot Court Competition
31st March Future of Legal Education And Profession in India
27th March Social Sensitization
27th March Holi Celebration
24th March How to build a strong CV
23rd March How to prepare effective SOP and LOR
22nd March Importance of Body language-making a positive first impression for interviews
17th March National Orientation Workshop
13th March Criminal Law & Forensics Workshop Date
08th march Celebrating Womanhood
09th march National Multidisciplinary Law Conference
24th Feb Celebration of Matribhasha Diwas
30th Jan The Constitution As A Living Document
30th Jan Report on First Intra college 2v2 Debate competition
29th Jan Unearthing Contours of Child Labour A Human Rights Discourse
26th Jan SLS Nagpur Celebrate's India's 72nd Republic Day
25th Jan Studying and Practicing Law Abroad
23rd Jan Motor Vehicle Act
23rd Jan Grinding the Debating edges: A dialogue
21st Jan Surrogacy Laws in India : Current Perspectives
09th Jan Second Intra Moot Court Competition
09th Jan Woman And Law Possibilities Of Feminist Jurisprudence
22nd Dec Importance of Public Speaking Skills for Law Students
18th Dec Turncoat Competition
16th Dec Constitutionalism And Constitutional Morality In Contemporary World
10th Dec Humanity in Human Rights A Discussion Commemorating the Human Rights Day
07th Dec Panel Discussion on New Farm Laws: Reform or Regression
03rd Dec Orientation Seminar on Employability Skills
03rd Dec Webinar on Justice in Globalizing World
30th Nov National Webinar on Introduction to Forensic Science
28th Nov Panel Discussion on Academic Achievement And Career Plan - Blueprint of Professional Attainment
26th Nov 71st Constitution Day
25th Nov Leadership Challenges for the Indian Retail sector during the COVID 19 Pandemic
24th Nov A Right that Wasn't The Freedom of Speech & Expression in the Republic of India
20th Nov Webinar on Skill Set For Future
09th Nov Patents and Access to vaccines in the time of covid
07th Nov Webinar on Human Rights & Criminal Justice
06th Nov Role of NGO (National & International) and Society in Protecting Human Rights of Victims and Accused
31st Oct National Unity Day
30th Oct Farewell to LLM Batch 2019-2020
23rd Oct Dussehra Celebration
22nd Oct The Letter of Law Vs The Spirit of Law in The Merchant of Venice
21st Oct Webinar on Faculty Development programme
20th Oct The Happiness Pursuit
17th Oct Webinar on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) & Patent process
15th Oct Logo Designing Competition
10th Oct Capsule Course on Mooting Skills
10th Oct Overview of Wildlife Protection Laws in India
03rd Oct In house Presentation on class activity on Lecture Method of Teaching
26th Sep Dissolution and Nullity of Marriage under Hindu Law
19th Sep Workshop on Research Methodology
14th Sep Celebrated Hindi Divas
12th Sep workshop on Research Methodology stages of research
10th Sep Legal Awareness Programme on Data Privacy Regulations in India
5th Sep Teachers Day Celebration 5 sep2020
03rd Sep LL.M 2020-2021 Induction Programme
19th Aug Digital Marketing to build professional practice brands
17th Aug Introduction to Theories of Justice
14th Aug Campus To Corporate
1st Aug The ESG Regulatory Framework in India
25th July The Impact of Covid-19 on Commercial Contracts
18th July Importance and future of Arbitration Laws in India
17th July Institutional Social Responsibility , Human Values and Professional Ethics
13th July Activity based learning and its importance
11th July Fundamentals of International Commercial Arbitration
7th July National Workshop on Advance online Research and Writing Article
3rd July Muffled Democracy- Remembering National
23rd May Internships 101 - 5 Years and 10 Semesters
18th May Ensuring Justice Through Science
13th May First responders and challenges to mental health
12th MayHow to effectively plan 5 years of your law school
27 FebReport on marathi bhasha diwas 27 feb 2020
21 Feb Guest Lecture by Adv. Wilson Mathew on Skills of Advocacy
15 Feb Guest Lecture by MR.RAJESH NARAIN GUPTA on Expectation Management and Challenges of a Corporate Lawyer
04 Feb Report on Legal awareness programme at Nandanvan , Nagpur
27 Jan Digital India Week Report
26 Jan Republic Day
11 Jan Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights
06 Jan Report on Legal awareness programme at Nandanvan , Nagpur
30 Dec Report on Legal Awareness Programme at Kharbi , Nagpur
28 OctReport on Integrity Pledge as Part of Vigilance Awareness Week 28 Oct 2019
23 Oct Report of Diwali Celebration at Symbiosis Law School
23 OctReport of Legal Awareness Programme Conducted by Legal Aid Central 23 Oct 2019
20 Oct Report of 1st Intra-College Moot Court Competition
20 OctReport of 1ST Intra-College Moot Court Competition 20 Oct 2019
12 Oct Report on Inaugural Ceremony of Legal Aid Centre Nagpur
05 Oct Report on Guest Lecture on Contract Drafting
05 Oct Report on Workshop on Research Methodology
05 OctReport of Guest Lecture on Contract Drafting 5 Oct 2019
05 OctReport on Workshop on Research Methodology 5 Oct
02 OctReport on First Intra College Parliamentary Debate 02 Oct 2019
27 Sep Report on capsule course on cyber laws
27 Sep Report of workshop on memorial drafting
27 SepReport of Workshop on Memorial Drafting 27 Sep 2019
27 SepReport of Capsule Course on Cybers Laws 27 Sep 2019
21 Sep Guest Lecture on "An Introduction to Indirect Taxes and GST" by Ms.Smita Singh
21 SepGuest lecture on an introduction to indirect taxes and gst 21 sep 2019
20 Sep Report of Swachhata Hi Seva Campaign organized at SlS Nagpur
20 SepSwachata he Seva Campaign 20 sep 2019
15 Sep Workshop on Mooting Skills
15 SepReport of Workshop on Mooting Skills 15 Sep 2019
14 Sep Symposium on Legal Education in India and Career in Law
14 SepSymposium on Legal Education in India and Career in Law 14 sep 2019
12 Sep Workshop on Research Methology
11 Sep Guest Lecture by Dr. Amit Mehrotra on “Overview of Legal Principles of Contract
11 SepReport Overview of Legal Principles of Contract 11 Sep 2019
07 Sep Report on Mediation Awareness Programme by Legal Aid Center
07 Sep Guest Lecture by Mr. Aditya Krishnamurthy: General Law and an Introduction to Commercial Law.
07 SepReport of participation in Mediation Awareness Programme by Legal Aid Centre 7 Sep 2019
05 Sep Ethnic day celebration of symbiosis law school
05 Sep Teachers Day Celebration
05 Sep Ethnic day celebration of Symbiosis Law School Nagpur 5 Sep 2019
03 Sep Cultural week celebration
03 Sep Report Three Days Induction Program LL.M 2020-2021 New
03 SepCultural Week Celebration at Symbiosis Law School Nagpur 3 Sep 2019
29 AugReport of Fit India Movement 29 Aug 2019
28 AugYoga for mind body & soul on 28 august 2019
24 AugReport of participation in model united nations 24 Aug 2019
18 Aug Guest lecture by mr. kishor pote on “banking law
18 AugGuest Lecture on Banking Law 18 Aug 2019
17 Aug Report of Participation in 17th All India meet of District Legal Services Authority of Legal Aid Cell
17 AugReport of Participation in 17 all India Meet 17 aug 2019
17 AugReport on faith room 17 August 2019
15 augReport of Independence Day Celebration at Symbiosis Law School Nagpur 15 August 2019
09 Aug Capsule course by mr. sandip bhatia on business accounting
09 AugCapsule Course on Business Accounting 9th August 2019
03 Aug Guest Lecture on “The Merchant of Venice & Elizabethan Jurisprudence” August 3 rd , 2019
03 AugGuest Lectre on the Merchant of Venice & Elizabethan Jurisprudence 3 Aug 2019
28 July Report on 1st National Essay Writing Competition on Environmental Justice
27 July Guest Lecture on Antiragging Prevention 27 July 2019
25 July Guest Lecture on Legal Writing Lawyering Skills 25 July 2019
20 JulyGuest Lecture on Cyber Crime and Use of Social Media
16 JulyGuest Lecture on Corporate Personality
16 JulyGuest lecture on Gender Sensitization by Dr Rekhapande
15 - 16 JulyReport on Orintation Programme

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1 Topic : Guest Lecture on 'Amendment of the Constitution & the Basic Structure Doctrine
Speaker: Adv Ashmita Bisarya a practicing Lawyer Supreme Court of India
14th June 2022 11:00 AM

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