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Website, PR and Media Cell

Website PR and Media Cell - SLS Nagpur

With an aim to establish a bridge amongst the SLS Nagpur fraternity and the outside world through electronic media, Website, PR and Media Cell of the institute has been established. The Cell will be involved in making of innovative movies and videos on contemporary legal issues. The Cell aims to provide a platform to the students to express their innovative ideas through blogs, online articles etc. The Cell aims to educate people by organizing various programmes on digital privacy and security.


  • The role of Cell is to manage relations with external world through several media related activities.
  • To connect with inhabitants via social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.
  • To promote Symbiosis Nagpur Campus through Digital marketing.
  • To look after all communication and publications - internal & external
  • To make an endeavor by means of organizing Guest Lectures, Workshops, Capsule Courses, Online Competition and other such interactive events.
  • The cell is responsible for publicity of the all major events of Symbiosis Nagpur, both on and off the campus.


  • To establish a bridge amongst the SLS Nagpur fraternity and the outside world through electronic media.
  • To enhance the visibility and better communication of achievements.
  • To inculcate the habit of writing articles amongst students, we plan to have our own blog.

Activities Conducted by Our Cell
Activities Conducted by Cell - SLS Nagpur

Photograhy Contest on Instagram
Photograhy Contest on Instagram - SLS Nagpur

Journey So Far :

  • We have created and maintained our separate website -
  • We have conducted Value added Course on Cyber Laws & Digital Marketing, Photography & Cinematography
  • We have organized a week long Digital India Week
  • We also have organized various competitions like Photography contest on Instagram
  • We are maintaining a consortium with the outside world through various social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • We also have visited various schools and conducted Digital Literacy sessions as a part of Digital India Week.
  • We have conducted Workshops on Legal Database like Westlaw India, Lexis Nexis, Manupatra, SCC Online and HeinOnline.

Future Forthcomings :

  • We will be organizing various programmes on Digital Privacy and Security.
  • We will be conducting various Online Competitions on Instagram and various other social media platforms.
  • We are planning to have our magazine, newsletter and blog.
  • We are planning to organize talks by motivational speaks and various influencers
  • We are planning to organize digital content creation competition on legal subject

Website Pr and Media Team :

  1. Shruti Sharma
  2. Mishti Chabbra
  3. Shreeyaan Shrivastava
  4. Varun Alase
  5. Krishna Jaiswal
Website PR and Media Team - SLS Nagpur

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