Legal Aid Centre (Social Initiatives)

To fulfil the Constitutional pledge as laid down in Article 39-A of the Constitution of India, on 12th October 2019, the Legal Aid Cell was established in SLS-Nagpur. This Cell encourages our faculty and students to use their legal knowledge to render free legal services to the marginalized people in nearby villages and to fulfill the Constitutional goals & philosophy. The right to free legal aid is one of the basic fundamental rights that have been guaranteed to every citizen under the constitution of India. Article 39A of the Constitution of India, was enacted so as to promote, protect and deliver social justice, by way of law. The idea of Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was developed in the same line of the progression as it concerns with the standards revered in Article 39A of the Constitution of India to secure and convey brief social equity with the help of law. The Legal Aid cell aims to assist free of cost Drafting of PIL through its students to the needy. Legal Aid Cell not only serves the society, it also provides students with innumerable opportunities to hone their skills in law, informs them of the challenges in the profession and gives them opportunity to serve people who are in dire need of their knowledge and skills.

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