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Symbiosis Centre for Legal and Business Conference

About the Centre:

The Symbiosis Centre for Legal and Business Conference at Symbiosis Law School, Nagpur was incorporated on 26th September 2022. It works on the principle of amalgamation of fields of law and business. It aims to create awareness of the current legal and business issues and to find answers to the questions that will help students incorporate problem solving skills with critical thinking. By delving into the foundational aspects of the law, the Centre seeks to not only raise awareness but also to offer an unparalleled experience, serving as a platform for understanding and navigating the evolving landscape where law and business converge.

Objectives of the Centre:

  • Gain practical knowledge by engaging you as imminent lawyers.
  • Decipher the fields of Business and Law by discussing various agendas set forth by an assortment of committees.
  • Contemplate by debating possible outcomes of each agenda, which might inspire to spark more debates and research papers.

The center consists of 15 members. Centre has organized workshops, guest lectures on Intellectual Property Rights in collaboration with Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Intellectual Property Management at Symbiosis Law School, Nagpur. Various guest lectures, sessions on patent law and IP process was also organized to guide and informed the students about the process of filing patent application and related details. Following is the composition of the cell.

Faculty in Charge:

Ms. Nuvita Kalra
Assistant Professor
Symbiosis Law School, Nagpur

List of Members

  • Gaurav Upadhyay
  • Rohini Singh
  • Shreyas Nair
  • Radhika Agarwal
  • Shreyas Kulkarni
  • Varsha Yadav
  • Ananthakrishnan
  • Subhodip Saha
  • Anvay Kale
  • Shivangi Kurup
  • Vaibhav Bhojwani
  • Akshada Warale
  • Digvijay Nimbalkar
  • Sumaiyirrah
  • Digvijay Kamalkar
  • Shreya Tyagi
  • Harsh Agrawal
  • Harshita Gupta
  • Yahsankk Sharma
  • Aina Kalra
  • Urjashi Ghosh
  • Shivanshi Rai
  • Devika Manoj

Events Organised:

  • 1st National SLS Nagpur Model United Nations in collaboration with Debate and Literary Cell, 2024
  • 3rd Intra Legal and Business Conference, 2023
  • 2nd Intra Legal and Business Conference, 2023
  • 1st Intra Legal and Business Conference, 2022

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