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Moot Court Association

What is Moot Court?

  • It is a mock court at which law students argue imaginary cases for practice. Proceedings in the Moot Court follow a set pattern of conduct which is similar to the actual courts. From language to attire, students are required to follow set norms and argue the case with zeal and enthusiasm.
  • Mooting is not the same as public speaking or debating, although it shares some common elements with these activities. It is a specialised application of the art of persuasive advocacy. It has been part of the process of training lawyers for centuries and plays an important role in legal education.

Why Moot Court?

  • Mooting as an activity aims to inculcate and improve the research, presentation and line of reasoning into students so as to equip the budding pleaders with all the court room etiquettes, research experience and advocacy skills.
  • To appraise the students about presenting the case and preparing written submission and arguing a given case from either side before the court is the main purpose of Moot Court Competition.
  • The reasoning of the students is screened in the process and they regularly get informed about the areas which require improvement.

Student’s Moot Court Association

  • It is a Student’s body constituted to aid and assist the Moot Court Association in conducting various activities.
  • The Association is made in accordance with the MCA Rules of SLS Nagpur.
  • Moot Court Association would be conducting Intra-Collegiate Moot Court competitions and a National Moot Court competition yearly.
  • The Association would also be instrumental in organizing various workshops and guest lectures which would help the students hone their advocacy skills.
  • Students who wish to be the part of MCA are required to-
    1. Submit previous record of curricular and co-curricular activities online.
    2. Appear for the interview.
  • The selection of the Association would be based on the above mentioned criteria.

Activities by Moot Court Association

  • Moot Court Workshops
  • Orientation on Mooting Skills
  • Intra-Collegiate Moot Court Competition
  • Intra-Collegiate Turn-Court Competition
  • National Moot Court Competition

Benefits of Mooting

  • Mooting provides an opportunity for the students to build advocacy skills, sharpen public speaking skills, and engage in legal analysis in a variety of areas of law.
  • Students can compete in interscholastic tournaments which offer competitors the opportunity to build expertise in a field, test themselves against the skills of students at other schools, and win accolades.
  • Furthermore, students are afforded the chance to visit cutting edge problems in a variety of areas of law.
  • Students also get the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the members of the bar and bench. 
  • The benefits of mooting are not restricted for future trial attorneys, but the ability to speak persuasively and think on your feet is invaluable in all types of legal careers.

Faculty-Incharge: Dr. Aditee Godbole

List of Members 2021-22

  1. Abhimanyu Menon
  2. Ananya Deshpande
  3. Anisha Nagarajan
  4. Anwita Bhattacharyya
  5. Aryan Rawal
  6. Ashisa Raja
  1. Harshit Tyagi
  2. Ishita Sinha
  3. Jeet Bijlani
  4. Kirti Chanani
  5. Kumar Yuvraj
  6. Nikhita Challa
  1. Pooja Thayat
  2. Pranjal Pagaria
  3. Pratistha Dahiya
  4. Pratyasha Dasgupta
  5. Raghav Pareek
  6. Ragini Singh
  1. Ribhya Bhatia
  2. Riddhi Mukewar
  3. Riddhiman Mukherjee
  4. Rudra Sharma
  5. Sanjana Sapra
  6. Sayantani De
  1. Shaunak Deshpande
  2. Shouvik Dutta
  3. Vanshika Shukla
  4. Varshini Batchu
  5. Vedika Ranga
  6. Yash Garg
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